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Audition for Karamu.

Open Call Auditions for:



                Directed by TONY SIAS  




                  Directed by NINA DOMINGUE




All auditions will be in person at Karamu House September 12th, 13th, & 14th in the evening. Everyone auditioning for the musicals will be called to the Movement/Dance call on September 13th.

Black Nativity - Please prepare two contrasting vocal pieces (up-tempo and ballad), no more than 1 min 30 sec each. These selections can be in the style of gospel, Christian contemporary, or a Christmas carol. 

Bubbly Black Girl -  Please prepare a monologue no more than 1 min. 30 sec. as well as two contrasting songs (32 bars) 60’s Motown, a musical theater song, a patter song or 80s/90s style R&B.

Special Project in DevelopmentPlease prepare two contrasting monologues, no more than three minutes total. If your package is longer than three minutes, we will stop your audition.


Visit this SignUp Genius link and choose a time and date. Make sure you upload your Headshot and Resume in the appropriate slots. Auditions are in person on Monday, September 12th, and Wednesday, September 14th. A mandatory movement call for all people auditioning will take place on Tuesday, September 13th. 6:30-7:30 for Black Nativity and from 7:45 to 8:45 for The Bubbly Black Girl.

If selected, you will be notified via email for callbacks. Callbacks will take place in person at Karamu House on Saturday, September 17th, 11:00 am-3:00 pm

Equity and Non-Equity actors for Black Nativity. Fully vaccinated Equity & Non-Equity actors for The Bubbly Black Girl

with book and lyrics written by Langston Hughes
music written by Aaron Robinson

Langston Hughes’ famed retelling of The Nativity Story, performed in a gospel style, and including popular Christmas carols.


Seeking an ensemble of singers, dancers, and actors to retell Christianity's famous Nativity story. Traditionally, the play has been performed in a gospel style, which includes Christmas carols. The birth of Jesus plays prominently in the play’s production.

** There will be up to one AEA Contract available for this production.

PRODUCTION DATES (all schedules subject to change)
Black Nativity: Rehearsals M-Th 6:30-10:30 pm & Sundays 2:00-7:00 pm 

Performances-Thurs-Sat. 7:30 pm, Sunday Matinee- 3:00 pm (see additional dates & times below)

1st Rehearsal- On or around Monday, October 3

Tech rehearsals-November 19-22 & November 27-30

Preview Night- December 1

Opening Night- December 2

Wednesday Matinees- December 14 11:00 am

Two Show Thursdays- December 15 & 22 (2:00 & 7:30 pm)

Two Show Saturdays- December 10 & 17 (2:00 & 7:30 pm)

Wednesday, December 21 (7:30 pm)

Closing Night- December 23


By Kirsten Childs

Synopsis: What’s a Black girl from sunny Southern California to do? White people are blowing up black girls in Birmingham churches. Black people are shouting “Black is Beautiful” while straightening their hair and coveting light skin. Viveca Stanton’s answer: Slap on a bubbly smile and be as white as you can be! In a humorous and pointed coming-of-age story spanning the sixties through the nineties, Viveca blithely sails through the confusing worlds of racism, sexism, Broadway showbiz until she’s forced to face the devastating effect of self-denial has had on her life.

 ** There will be up to one AEA Contract available for this production.

Characters (many performers will play multiple roles):

5 men, 6 women (This is a majority Black cast, and there are at least 1 White man and 1 White woman in the cast, and there is flexibility with ethnicity of two of the character tracks. Note about complexion: there are roles in the play that dictate skin tone, those are noted in the character descriptions from the playwright).

***The Cast album is available on Spotify if you are unfamiliar with the musical***

Viveca: Sunny California girl.  Eager to impress; suppresses any feelings that might give one a bad impression of her.  Black; dark-skinned.

Gregory:  A brat when a child.  A hottie when he becomes a young man.  Down to earth nice guy. Black, any complexion

Yolanda:  Gregory’s sister.  Loves the Beatles. (Also plays Mommy) Black; brown-skinned.

Emily:  Viveca’s best friend. A Black girl who has grown up all her life around White people. Successfully manages to “Blacker-than-Black” her accent as a teenager, due to years of being bullied about her “Valley Girl” accent by her Black peers.  At moments of realness and excitement, her Valley Girl accent slips out.  (Also plays Nilda and Sandra) Black, any complexion.

Daddy:  An indulgent father who was born and raised in the South and is determined that not a whiff of the racism he experienced will disturb the air around his precious daughter.  (Also plays a Policeman) Black; dark-skinned.

Larry Grimble: Elementary school hooligan, crude, rude potty mouth, always getting into fights. Little Black Justin Bieber-esque heartthrob-y face — all the little girls think he’s cute. (Also plays Keith) Black; light-skinned, or LatinX

Cosmic Rainbow: A hippie.  He’s a genuinely nice guy; mellow, laid-back, open-minded, and completely unaware that his privilege allows him to assume his proximity to Blackness entitles him to “Blacksplain” it to Viveca.  Also, Cosmic has absolutely no idea that, for all his progressive posturing, he still wants a woman who is subservient to him. (Also plays Director Bob, Policeman, Prince) White.

Lucas:  A seriously hot man, with a low sexy voice that resonates.   He’s a genuinely nice man…if you can get around the fact that he sees nothing wrong with sleeping with several women at a time.  And frankly, if you’re cool with that (unlike Viveca), I suppose there is nothing wrong with that! (Also plays Jazz Teacher, and Dance Captain) Black; brown-skinned.

Granny:  Lucas’s grandmother.  When she’s shelling peas, she looks as old and wizened as Granny on The Beverly Hillbillies; when she throws off her house robe, she is Tina Turner/Janet Jackson/Beyoncé hot.  (Also plays Miss Pain, Harriet Tubman, Secretary, and Tallulah) Black, brown-skinned


PRODUCTION DATES (all schedules subject to change)
Bubbly Black Girl: Rehearsals: M-Th 6:30-10:30 pm & Sundays 1:00-6:00 pm 10-week contract (6 weeks of rehearsal & a 4-week run)

Performances-Thurs-Sat. 7:30 pm, Sunday Matinee- 3:00 pm 

1st rehearsal- On or around Monday, March 6

Tech rehearsals- April 15-19

Preview Night- April 20

Opening Night April 21

Closing Night- May 14

Equity and Non-Equity actors, please remember to add your headshot and resume to SignUp Genius. Please note: Housing and travel are not provided.

** There will be two AEA Contracts available, one per production**.
All actors receive compensation for their work in our productions.
Equity members appear under a GA Tier 2 contract. Non-Equity actors receive a modest stipend.

ASSISTANT STAGE MANAGERS are also invited to send up-to-date resumes to Please make note of your union status when submitting.

Phone calls will not be accepted.


Work at Karamu.

Interested in joining the Karamu House team? We need creative thinkers who are dedicated to excellence. We are collaborative, innovative, and inclusive, and we are always looking for great people. You’re welcome to submit your resume for consideration at any time.  We offer a competitive salary and benefit package paid time off, and the opportunity to work with our nation’s oldest producing African American theatre and one of Cleveland’s top treasures. Karamu House is an Equal Opportunity Employer. 


No phone calls, please. Submit cover letter, resume and salary requirements via email to



Intern with Karamu.

In partnership with Summer on the Cuyahoga, Karamu offers internships to support its work for qualifying college students during the summer months. Summer on the Cuyahoga (SOTC) is all about exposing the best young talent to the abundance of professional opportunities in Cleveland and Northeast Ohio, home to the Cuyahoga River. It’s a unique summer internship program open to students from our eight partner schools: Case Western Reserve, Colgate, Cornell, Denison, Oberlin, Ohio Wesleyan, Smith, and University of Chicago. The program, in total, brings together 50-70 students for an intensive summer immersion program designed to help interns explore the professional, civic & social offerings of the Cleveland area. SOTC offers students challenging internships, community introductions, alumni connections & group housing for the summer.